Fair Grinds Coffeehouse

Great Coffee For a Change

Fair Grinds Coffeehouse is New Orleans' only 100% Fair Trade coffeehouse - exclusively serving Fair Trade coffee, tea, and chocolate. Our mission is to serve our local community by providing delicious coffee, a full cafe menu, and a space for neighbors to meet and exchange ideas. Fair Grinds Coffeehouse is a mission driven enterprise, and all proceeds go directly to support community organizing in Central and South America.

 The Fair Grinds Mission

When we say “Great Coffee for a Change,”
we have a lot on our mind.

We're #1

First, we are appreciative and honored that our first job is providing you a good place to visit, think, work, and meet with your friends, colleagues, or neighbors.  Our coffeehouse is your house away from home where you can still feel at home.  We think our uniqueness is part of what led the readers of the Times Picayune & the Gambit to vote Fair Grinds Coffeehouse as the #1 Coffeehouse in  Orleans.  See us blush?  We’re so proud!


Fair Trade Coffee

Secondly, we want to do even better than that.  We want to not only have the best coffeehouse in New Orleans but the best coffee!  In fact that’s what we mean by “great coffee!”  For 10 years we have pioneered serving fairtrade coffee because being fair to producers as well as consumers is part of our founding principles and clear mission.  Fairtrade coffee is designed to do just that by assuring that farmers in the developing countries have an incentive to deliver organically produced, environmentally sustainable, and worker friendly coffee to you.  Once we get that we’re working with the best roasters around, including trying to support those in our own community, to take great beans and add the love and magic that makes for a great cup of coffee.  We’re a New Orleans coffeehouse, so that also means that Wade’s coffee and chicory is going to be a cup of strong, black fairtrade beans mixed with great chicory from Nebraska, yes, a bit of the West is brewed with the best of the city!  There’s going to be a story behind every one of our cups of coffee and each blend is going to be special.  Coffee is a drink and an occasion, so why not make it “great coffee for a change?”


Farm to Table

Thirdly, ACORN Farm to Fair Grinds Table.  We are a coffeehouse on a mission to grow our own vegetables at our ACORN Farm in the Lower 9th ward.  We are growing our own greens for salads, herbs for drinks and teas. 

If you are interested in volunteering, please email zee@fairgrinds.com



Community Space and Community Inspired

Fourthly, “great coffee for a change” is about our own neighborhood, city, state, and country.  We want Fair Grinds Coffeehouse to be the place where people come together to make great change and, yes, do so while having a cup of our coffee. 

On the second floor of Fair Grinds Coffeehouse is Fair Grinds Common Space where we partner with non-profits and others to provide space for meetings and events that build our community and our people.  

We want the Fair Grinds Common Space to be a footnote in your contribution and the great adventure of building the New Orleans of the future and the country of our dreams.

Profits for Change

Finally, Fair Grinds Coffeehouse is a social venture enterprise.  We give around 5% of our gross sales to community organizations in Latin America every single month.  

We’re going fairtrade many miles farther than the extra couple of cents on the bag.  We’re making sure that people in the countries where we source our beans get a chance at some real change.  Our partnership with community groups in Peru, Indonesia, Honduras, Mexico, and elsewhere is direct and hands-on.  We are walking our talk by supporting community organizing in these areas.   For you it may be a great cup of coffee, but we want you to know that while you are drinking a great cup of coffee, you are also part of making change, by supporting the building of sustainable, peoples’ organizations dedicated to empowerment, participation, and creating justice.  If our coffee doesn’t put a spring in your step and quicken your heartbeat, then that should!

Great coffee for a change

That’s what we are all about.  We’re not bragging.  We’re just saying!

You will taste it with every cup and be a part of changing the world with every swallow.  That’s pretty special for a cup of coffee and a coffeehouse, and we are glad to be your partners in this project.