Fair Grinds Arts & Culture

 Lips and Trips

Lips and Trips one of the most popular, regular musical traditions at Fair Grinds playing the 3rd Friday of every month.

Lips and Trips
Lips with one of her fans from Houston, Orell Fitzsimmons

 Robert Eustis

Robert Eustis, Host of Open Mic Night

Lawrence Powell

Author and Tulane Professor Lawrence Powell previews and signs his book, The Accidental City, for Maple Street Bookstore in Fair Grinds Coffeehouse Common Space to a supportive and pleased crowd.


Sandra Burshell

New Orleans artist who runs a weekly drawing class at Fair Grinds.  These two pictures will actually be showing at the upcoming show: People and Places/New Orleans which opens at the Carol Robinson Gallery this Friday night, Nov. 2  6-8 pm and is on display through Nov. 28!  http://www.sandraburshell.com.  These paintings were done from studies at Fair Grinds.


Didi Rechele

Didi is a visual artist who has traveled extensively to India (most recently working with our ACORN office there) and will be showing art in the Community Space based on her experiences there. She is New Orleans photographer and Indiaphile presenting thework of Indian photographer Gitesh Gupta.


 Gitesh Gupta

Gitesh Gupta aka Luke cg is a self taught photographer and a graphic
designer. He loves to dabble with all forms of photography and owes his
influence to mountains, in whose lap he was born.